3 Must Have Certifications and Safety Features for Health Care Live Chat

Maintain HIPAA compliance and provide patients with peace of mind when you choose live chat technologies that ensure data security

Hands-Laptop 2The healthcare industry has essential considerations when it comes to selecting a live chat vendor – namely, security. Today, many health care companies are challenged to understand how they can leverage cost-saving technologies, such as live chat, while meeting basic privacy and security standards outlined in HIPAA.

The first hurdle for a selecting a live chat vendor is to know the requirements that your organization needs to meet, such as encryption. A shocking number of sites don’t encrypt private information at all, and credit cards, social security numbers, and health history information can sit in a database for years, leaving this data vulnerable to theft.

Established live chat providers should already have basic safeguards in place, as they serve a vast array of industries and are well versed in handling sensitive information. Health care companies, however, require even more robust protections. Look for these 3 specific security features or certifications to ensure your vendor is equipped to properly handle your customers’ data.

Encryption & Data Masking

Health information should without question be encrypted within a system using 256-bit SSL standards. You’ll want to inquire about firewalls, intrusion detection systems, application content filters, anti-virus software, and any other items that will prevent unauthorized third party access. You can take extra precautions as well, including disabling copy and paste in the chat platform. Sensitive data masking, commonly seen as replacing credit card numbers or other text with X’s is another option for managing private data during a chat session.


As of June 2011, the SSAE 16 reporting standard replaced SAS 70 as the baseline requirements for companies looking to pass HIPAA hosting environment requirements. Your live chat vendor should be able to produce both an SSAE 16 SOC 1 report to show they will responsibly handle financial data, and an SOC 2 report to provide assurance that they can handle non-financial data with the utmost care.

Secure Storage

Look for software that provides several options when it comes to data storage. For example, can you to bypass permanent storage on your vendor’s server so the chat information will permanently disappear once the interaction ends? Rather, can chat transcripts be pushed to your organization’s secure servers or can be removed after an allotted amount of time? Does your vendor encourage you to supply your own encryption key to ensure all chat conversations are pre-encrypted before being stored on the server?

Without these certifications, your live chat solution cannot guarantee your patients’ financial and personal information will be properly protected.

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4 Reasons Why Basic Live Chat Software Will Always Disappoint

The quality of your live chat provider can mean the difference between success and failure.

Hands-TypingEven the most basic live chat service will connect your customer service reps with prospective and current customers. All live chat tools enable site visitors to engage with reps and get their questions answered quickly, therefore increasing their likelihood of conversion.

But there are some key limitations to mediocre live chat services that overshadow any possible cost savings. Lower-end live chat tools don’t allow you automate chat behavior, set up rules, integrate with your CRM system, or manage your reps effectively. Moreover, you won’t be able to customize your chat invitations, surveys, etc. to adhere to brand guidelines.

Only enterprise live chat solutions allow users to explore sophisticated multi-platform integrations, workflow automation, advanced reporting, top-of-the-line security, among other key functions.

Here are 4 ways an enterprise live chat solution is a better value to industry leading organizations:

#1 Effective Integrations

Basic tools are just that: basic. Cheap live chat solutions don’t integrate with CRM, eCommerce, service desks, or other systems the way Velaro live chat does. Through integrations, Velaro users are able to update CRM records, automate chat sessions to trigger when a customer abandons a shopping cart, and more. Without comprehensive integrations, companies are unable to leverage valuable live chat information to adapt business operations and ultimately prevent customer attrition and abandonment.

#2 Better Workflow Options

With Velaro live chat, it’s easy to automate chat sessions, assign chats based on predetermined rules or a rep’s skill set, manage agent scheduling, and streamline inquiry hand offs. Basic chat tools simply can’t withstand the demands of complex organizations with specific needs. Just like customers, no interactions are exactly the same. Basic tools fall short by a mile when it comes to streamlining processes and creating a smooth customer experience

#3 Customized Reporting

Beyond rudimentary chat logs and counts, basic live chat tools can’t deep dive into chat metrics across service platforms to provide transparent visibility into customer service metrics. An enterprise live chat solution like Velaro delivers these types of additional insights, allowing your company to schedule reports, trigger automatic chat reviews, and delve into results on a rep-by-rep basis. Report on customer-based metrics, rep-based metrics, and company-level live chat data. The more data you have at your fingertips, the more you’ll be able to cater your offerings to both prospective and current customers.

#4 Enterprise Security

In this day and age, security is a non-negotiable component of any successful partnership. Basic chat tools do not provide the added layers of protection, and these options can actually open your site to added vulnerability. Enterprise live chat solutions like Velaro offer rock-solid role-based security, enterprise-level password management, 256-bit SSL encryption, and sensitive data masking. Retain peace of mind and keep customer information secure with data storage that meets your specific internal and external regulations.


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Top 4 Ways Live Chat is used in Health Care

Woman using live chat to talk to a health care customer service agentIt’s not just early adopters any more. Health care providers and companies across the industry are leveraging live chat for its proven ability to retain and acquire customers through improved online support.

Patients and customers expect to locate information quickly and easily from their health care providers just as they would if they were searching for other products or services. In an ever more competitive industry, health care providers and companies that leverage modern technologies like live chat are providing much needed answers to confused or simply demanding customers with the click of a button—and coming out on top. Here are 4 of the most popular ways leading health care companies are leveraging live chat to grow their businesses:

Automated Appointment Set-up

Through advanced integrations with CRM systems and other platforms, leading live chat platforms allow customer service representatives—or even the tool itself—to execute actions after a chat session. For example, should a chat initiate from the “Set an Appointment” page, the customer service agent can create a new appointment record, record chat history, and even execute email notifications from a single screen.

Private and Secure Q&A

Health care providers do business with sensitive and often delicate information. Live chat offers a “safe” space in which individuals can discuss personal or private details whether billing-, benefits- or health-related. Not only can patients rest easy knowing they won’t be overheard as they would with a phone call to the office or a customer service line, but leading live chat platforms can tout security features such as data masking and blinded chat log retention.

Converting Web Visitors into Patients/Customers/Members

Today, almost 60% of the “buying cycle” is complete before a customer even speaks to a company. In the health care industry, buyers are patients, and if you’re not providing answers early in your patients’ journey, you’ll likely be passed over for a provider that has information more readily available. Enabling live chat on your website offers an easy and immediate way for potential customers to ask questions. Leading live chat tools also allow two-way chat engagement where representatives can reach out proactively, offering information, guidance, and a reason to schedule an appointment, make a purchase, or sign up for membership.

Research Collaboration

Although far from a traditional or standard use, some of the largest pharmaceutical companies have used live chat platforms as a collaboration tools for their researchers. A robust, enterprise-level live chat system offers the confidentiality and flexibility drug research teams need, for example, to communicate with physicians and/or each other over the course of a study or R&D project.

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