Cash In on Online Holiday Shopping with Live Chat

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Customers are shopping earlier, demanding answers more quickly, and expect a virtual smile with every touch point. Can you deliver with bells on?

In 2015, shoppers shattered the ceiling on Thanksgiving and Black Friday by spending $4.45 billion online and online sales rose 26% on Thanksgiving last year alone. According to the IBM Watson 2015 Holiday Report, Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day of the year, increasing 17.8% over the previous year, while Black Friday online sales increased 21.5%. With online holiday shopping only expected to grow, retailers should consider maximizing profits with live chat in the following ways:

Personalize Agent Messaging

Personalized, top-notch customer service is critical during the holiday surge, as 73% of customers cite friendly staff and great service as the top reasons they love a brand. Online customer service reps can emulate the cheerful holiday vibe of brick and mortar stores by sending a few simple personalized chat messages that use the customer’s name, reference a product in his or her cart, or acknowledge a customer’s loyalty club status. Enterprise live chat solutions that integrate with leading CRMs and eCommerce platforms, and which offer complex proactive chat triggers and customizations, can help your team achieve this.

Increase Sales

Cart abandonment results in $18 billion in lost sales annually. Live chat has proven to be one of most effective ways retailers can assist customers moving through the buyers’ journey online—before a cart is abandoned. By quickly answering questions, initiating chats when exit behaviors appear, and offering upsell guidance, live chat reps can improve conversion rates and boost sales. According to one survey, 38% of respondents attributed their purchase directly to a chat session.

Make the Most of Mobile

In 2015, smartphones accounted for 44% of online traffic on Black Friday so make sure your site and chat solution are optimized for mobile traffic. While your live chat solution may be ready to assist your customers, an archaic or slow site will certainly hurt your earning potential.

Prepare for Flurries…of Questions!

Major spikes in ordering and online shopping activity mean an onslaught of activity for your customer service reps. Preparing for the busy holiday season with a powerful live chat solution that includes chat logs, workflows, smart routing, and unique user agent roles, allows you to simplify and speed service even when inquiries spike. Make sure your enterprise live chat solution allows you to keep customer service reps in check no matter how busy the holiday season gets. Velaro offers powerful routing and reporting tools, provides real-time feedback, and allows managers to perform KPI management quickly and easily to ensure reps are delivering consistent customer service. Because an uninformed or struggling customer service agent paired with a harried holiday shopper is a recipe for disaster.

Make sure your company is prepared to serve the surge in customers with a strong online chat solution this holiday shopping season. Get a free trial today.

Easy Ways to Enable eCommerce Growth with Live Chat

Reducing cart abandonment, increasing retention AND offering proactive customer service with smart eCommerce-live chat integration.

Enable eCommerce growth with live chatThe top live chat companies all have something in common: they all boast the ability to prevent product and cart abandonment; today, it’s a standard promise. In fact, today, customers expect a live chat service agent to be at-the-ready at the time of purchase. When surveyed, 79% of online shoppers cite instant answers during checkout as the main reason live chat improves their online shopping experience.

So how do retailers wow customers in such a competitive marketplace? By offering proactive, cross-platform, advanced customer service on their eCommerce sites. Advanced customer service includes personalized, proactive chat conversations that not only answer questions and reduce friction, but offer related or suggested products and services.

To provide this level of data-informed advanced service management, leading retailers are integrating their online chat and eCommerce platforms such as Magento. Current actions, past purchases, upsell opportunities and more are all available at a glance so agents can make the shopping experience that much more memorable for each and every customer. Here are some key benefits of live chat-eCommerce platform integration:

Cross-platform Visibility

Has your customer recently called with a complaint? Do they have outstanding bills? Maybe there’s a coupon waiting to be used. Integrated live chat/eCommerce arrangements allow customer service reps to view live chat history, information stored in the eCommerce system, and CRM data all in one location. This means service reps can view customer information across platforms to ensure each interaction is informed and productive—without ever having to leave the live chat portal.

Proactive Interaction

Leading live chat platforms like Velaro employ powerful technology to automate proactive interactions through a combination of rule-based and human-initiated engagements. A Velaro-Magento integration, for example, allows you to automate the pop of a chat invitation, helps agents to proactively reach out to customers mid-shop when a customer hits a key product page, or alert on-call reps that a VIP customer is at risk of abandoning a cart. This type of integration allows companies to intervene in the moment that matters rather than after the fact in response to disappointing sales numbers, which is critical to eCommerce growth.

Predictive Analytics

Integrating a leading live chat solution that offers a robust analytics suite with a top eCommerce platform such as Magento provides companies with the ability to predict shopping behaviors on their eCommerce sites—and then take action. You can automate activities such as showing customers similar products and upselling to shoppers through chat, based on key Magento actions such as products entering a cart or a certain total cart value.

Leveraging online chat during eCommerce sessions is proven to reduce cart abandonment, but utilizing a fully integrated Velaro-Magento environment can help to not only reduce abandonment but increase productivity, satisfaction, retention, and upsell success rate.

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5 Privacy Training Tips for Health Care Customer Service Agents

Getting the right technology solution is only half the story.

Woman using live chat to talk to a health care customer service agentMany organizations are already using live chat to make patients’ lives easier by scheduling appointments, discussing billing issues, or locating essential information quickly and easily. But how do you protect patient privacy?

Best-in-class live chat solutions like Velaro offer security features specifically for health care customers, but if your agents are under-trained, they’ll be unable to leverage some of those features—and the resulting benefits.

Here are five areas in which all customer service agents working in the health care industry should be well versed to protect customers and keep patient privacy front and center:

#1 Mask Sensitive Data

If a patient passes sensitive data through live chat, ensure your chat reps are prepared to initiate data masking rules. Better yet, enable automated data masking and procedures that ensure your customer service agents won’t see or have to react to personal patient data.

#2 Block IP Addresses as Needed

Unfortunately, not all chat sessions will be eager patients looking to schedule appointments. Chats, bots, trolls, and other nefarious internet characters target live chat solutions hoping to find easy access to company data and personal information. Leading live chat solutions like Velaro allow representatives to block IP addresses to protect your site and your patients’ data.

#3 Follow Data Management Rules

Ensure chat reps know when to save, purge and audit live chat information. You can help your reps by setting up data automation rules in Velaro, such as automatically saving chat transcripts on secure servers when conversations are complete. Additionally, your representatives should know when to trigger system emails and should be armed with your company’s terms, conditions and privacy policies. Set up regular trainings and quizzes to ensure your company policies are well understood. 

#4 Review Chat Audits

Customizable chat audits can be set up in leading live chat tools, and Velaro offers you the option to automatically send detailed audit reports to your reps and managers. These reports allow customer service teams to review chats regularly and ensure all critical privacy to-do’s were met with each engagement.

#5 Stick to Your Chat Console

Finally, coach reps to always use the live chat console. If they’re not properly trained, they won’t be aware that 100% of their duties can be completed from within the Velaro chat interface. CRM systems can be updated, patient and internal emails can be sent related to chats, and privacy activities can be executed all within one interface.

Concerned about complying to HIPAA while using live chat in your customer service department? Read Velaro’s latest white paper discussing just that: Live Chat & HIPAA, What You Need to Know >>